Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years Eve 2011

Another year has just flown a jet past me... I really can't believe it's already been another year gone by.

In the wizardly world I have :
- Begun blogging
- Become a Twizard
- Reached Celestia
- Met some awesome wizards
- Listened to lots of Ravenwood Radio episodes
- Competed in the Ambrose2Zeke Champions II
And had an amazing time!

The real life things also are amazing...
but none of this would be the same without the amazing community I am surrounded by. So I want to thank you all so much and wish you a ... HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Can't wait to see what KI brings in with you 2012.

So have a happy and safe New Years Eve. Whether it's with friends, family, or maybe all alone (which shouldn't be the case with this amazing community) I hope it goes well. Whether you stay up late, or decide to go to bed (or just fall asleep) early, it doesn't matter, you can have a GREAT time.

So until next year,

To the Spiral! (or wherever you're going this fine evening for celebrating)

-Morgrim Trollfriend
Grandmaster Conjurer

Friday, December 23, 2011

The Dragons Roost

Amid the flame and danger of battle a new drake is seen flying out of the academy.

Yay, a friend!

On your back? Why? *climbs on- dragon takes off* WOAH!

WOAH! ... ah, it's kind of hot in here... *woosh* ooh, your wings make a nice breeze :)

um, woops....

So yeah, I just reached the Dragons Roost... or in other words, the entrance to the Malistaire instance. Now since this is such a great achievement, I want to share it with 3 other awesome wizards who read my blog. All you have to do is :
- Be able to enter the Malistaire Instance (Great Spyre)
- Comment the following below :
    - Name
    - 3 Dates and Times you're available (preferably in the afternoon and before Jan 1... -I'm in MTN time-)
    - Then watch this post to see who is coming along! (and how many positions are still open)
Then on the date that is set we will meet up at the Dragons Roost on Imp Realm, Area 1 and do the dungeon!

Open Positions : 1
Date : Dec. 26?
Time : 3 pm 'ish' (MTN time)

Can't wait! It should be extremely fun! :)

Until then, thanks for stopping by the Conjurer's Inn!
Your host,
-Morgrim Trollfriend
Level 51, Grandmaster Conjurer
The Dragons Roost, Dragonspyre
Take the Challenge and Comment below!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Holidays!

So starting Wednesday it will officially be Winter! (now if only it would snow so that Christmas will be white...)

If you haven't already, make sure to check out the "Twelve Days of Wizard" before Wednesday since it will be ending then.

I hope you're all having a great time during this holiday season everyone. I don't want to just repeat what everyone else is... but I do want to share a little video with you. Hopefully it can help you to once again remember the "reason for the season" that we often put aside and forget. (I shared it on Twitter earlier this week.)

Now I know that this post is very short, but the reason for that is that I just don't know what to talk about. I really haven't been up to much in game except for checking my garden every day. So if you've got some suggestions please let me know because at this time I could really use some help with my blog. I will post some pictures later this week with all my holiday decorating. (that means more fun commenting on pictures -_O) :)

-- Now switching gears --
Recently I've spent a bunch more time back at my first MMO, Runescape. I've been doing a bunch of Dungeoneering with my main account trying to get my Magic and Smithing up. I've gotten down to floor 19 now with a Dungeoneering lvl of 38. I'm also redoing my friends list so if you happen to have been playing Runescape lately, maybe we could meet up. Just contact my via DM on Facebook or Twitter.

-- Other News
- I'm now on XFire. (Heard about it through Kevin BB) :)
- I will put up a poll on the right. And you can leave more detailed answers on this post.
- I again ask, if you have any screenshots you think would make a cool New View, just send them in to me and I will add them in. Maybe I could even make it a giveaway. ;)
- Also, the community fan fiction could really use some entries. It would be awesome if we could get this first one done before my Blogoversary(or Wizaversary since they're about the same time).

That's all for now,
Thanks for visiting the Conjurer's Inn! Visitor's are always welcome!

To the Spiral!
- Morgrim Trollfriend
Level 51, Grandmaster Conjurer
The Forum, Dragonspyre

P.S. Again, any positive help/suggestions/comments you can give me would be very much appreciated!
P.P.S. What would you think if I did something like KBB or Ditto's Vlogs?

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Post-Major Changes

Here are just a couple of the updates that have been made here :

1. It is now The Conjurer's Inn instead of The Magus Conjurer

2. As you've already probably noticed... the color scheme is completely changed.

I will also be adding some more little details later on.

Also, don't forget to check out the different pages here. Little changes will be made to them as I go along.
There should also be a new New View coming in sometime soon. *added* (Actually it's already there) *added*

If you have any tips on what changes I should try or just ideas about anything for my blog PLEASE let me know. As a newer member to blogging and all of this I can use all the help I can get. ;)

Thank you for stopping in!

- Morgrim Trollfriend
Grandmaster Conjurer, Level 51
Dragonspyre, The Forum

Pre-Major Changes

Just wanted to notify everyone that in the next couple weeks I am going to be making a a few MAJOR changes. So be watching... because one of them may make it a little confusing for a while.

Also don't forget to check out each of the pages through the tabs at the top of the page. Especially the Music Scroll Hunt.

Thank you for stopping by!

Until next time,
To the Spiral

-Morgrim Trollfriend
Grandmaster Conjurer, Level 51
The Forum

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Just want to wish everyone a very wonderful Thanksgiving!

Thanks everyone for coming around and reading blog! Without you all I wouldn't be here!

Until next time,
To the Spiral
-Morgrim Trollfriend

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New Things Are Here!

Hey all!

Just want to let you know of some of the things that are being added into the site!

If you look at the tabs bar you will find that there is a new one! The Music Scroll Hunt arrived! So head on over there and help out if you can!

Also, if you go onto the GFF page and read through (or if you REALLY want to just skip) to the bottom of the page. There you should find a new entry form! This should help to make it easier for people to enter.

I'll try to keep everyone updated on any of the changes I will make via Twitter and Facebook.
Twitter = @themythmagus
Facebook = scroll down a little and look at the side bar... ;)

Until next time,
To the Spiral!

-Morgrim Trollfriend
Grandmaster Conjurer, Level 50
The Crystal Grove

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Journal of Talon Deatheyes #2

So I was going around finishing the side quests in Firecat Alley today. The last thing I had to do was fight Wormguts. So I head on in as a level 11 Pyromancer... and come out level 12! =D

With level 12 came a new school only spell. LINK!
* Warning! Laughing may occur beyond this point. *
Went and whooped the fire elf... 
Okay... how?
Ah... hopefully I'll still be in one piece -_-
Hi Mr. Crow! -- Bye Mr. Crow!
More running? (Why hasn't KI added a walking option?)
Hss to you too.
Ah, thanks!
Um, can you say that again? Please?
What does an ancient tongue sound like... and how do you speak IN it? ;)
Good... wait, for what!?
Hello Link!
* Safety beyond this point... maybe... *

After defeating the Kraken, Talon received the Three Street Savior badge.
Also with level 12 I can add Talon into my massive gardening activities.
Then to that is added the opportunity of going to Crab Alley. Sohomer gave him a water breathing potion and pointed out where the best place to jump in was. Talon drank the potion and jumped into the river.
* gurgle* Umm, are -- you sure -- that potion -- was good? *gurgle*
*gurgle* blub blub blub
Luckily  a crab who called himself Herman was able to save me. *shakes water out of hair*

Well, that's all for the update!

Now here's the business :
- Got any screenshots you would like me to edit and add to the New Views Page?
Seen a cool/funny quote in-game?
Got an idea for what I could post, change about the site, etc?
You can send them all in to my email or DM them to me on twitter! Thanks!
- Also, if you haven't already, check out the GFF page!

Thanks everyone!
Until next time!

-Morgrim Trollfriend
Grandmaster Conjurer, Level 50
The Crystal Grove

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Hunt for Orthrus (Part 2)

(If you missed the first part here's the link: The Hunt for Orthrus (Part 1) )

With the help of the Dark Wizard (@Dark_Pact from twitter) I was able to complete the Labyrinth, after which I headed back down the path and fought the boss guy for the collars. Amazingly he only had about 1150 health with a 1000 health minion. =O

So I quickly destroyed him and then headed back to Cyrus in Ravenwood (not the Basilica).

- Warning : now begins the many pictures with random comments by Morgrim Trollfriend -

It better be good enough....

Ummm... Nope.

Oh, I was thinking bacon strips, but okay.


... should he?

Oh goodie... as long as I don't have to go hunt for it...

Isn't this rather small?

A two-headed CAT? Where do all these multi-headed animals come from!?

Hey, it wasn't me that chose it.

(um, nothing to say here)

Did you just call the people of Mooshu CATTLE?

I think I know just the one.

Here doggie? Really?

You're happy about this tiny little bone?
Just because I gave you a bone... sounds good to me.

Wait... did you just say... what I think you said?


About 155 more damage than the spell itself I think.
- End pictures and comments -

Well, I'm glad that that's over.

Also, again with the help of the Dark Wizard, all nine(9) pieces of the Dragonriders Staff were recovered from the the Obsidian Chests throughout the Spiral. We had a great time racing each other to the sigils. =)

In other news :
- I AM NOW A GRANDMASTER! All that experience from the Orthrus quest finished up my bar to get there.
- I will try and redecorate the site for the next holiday... and maybe, though I hate to even think about it, get a head start on the next one...
- If you haven't already checked out the group fan fiction page (the in the works one at the top) you should stop by there. If you have any tips to get it moving again, let me know in the comments.
- Also, if you've got a cool screenshot and would like to have it added to the New Views page, just email it to me and I will work on getting it in there. Each week I will add one in to the page along with a thank you to the person who submitted it.
- Last of all, TMC now has 21 followers with over 700 views! WOOHOO!

Thank you for all your support everyone,

Until next time,
To the Spiral!

-Morgrim Trollfriend
Grandmaster Conjurer, Level 50
The Crystal Grove

Friday, November 11, 2011

The Journal of Talon Deatheyes #1

Hi everyone!

So tonight I was able to get Talon to level 10. "What's so significant about this?" you might ask.

It means (read the captions):

Sunbird = Faster killing of stronger Mobs

Level 10 = Beginning of power pip %! Yes! Faster casting fire spells!

So yeah. Talon is in Cyclops Lane. He's sort of skipping most of the side quests. Just picks them up and does them if they happen to be along the way with the story line. :)

He's died about 5 times now. 3 of which are from Alicane Swiftarrow -_- grr

Next time I get on him I will be fighting General Achilles. With these level 10 improvements it should go very smoothly and fast. :)

Okay, so as some side notes:
- Make sure to check out the updates and Test Realm!
- Don't forget NaNoWriMo! (
- Happy Veterans Day (and 11/11/11)
- Morgrim is almost to the point where he will resume the Orthrus quest. Be watching for the post maybe tomorrow or next week.

Until next time,
To the Spiral!

-Morgrim Trollfriend
Master Conjurer, level 49
The Labyrinth

Friday, November 4, 2011

Busy Busy Bus...

My posting is going to be dying down for a while.
With NaNoWriMo, school work, and life I am just getting really lost and behind in everything.
So if you see me on Twitter or Wizard101... it's because I'm procrastinating again... (please then tell me to get back to working on my school work so I don't fail English... thanks!) XD

Until next time (and my work is more done...),
this is Morgrim Trollfriend, signing out for a while.
Master Conjurer 49 (In the Crucible right now)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Party link!

Go to this link in order to get all the info you need (in the comment)

If you don't have a DOAW account you can just comment your answer on this post! Thanks!

(don't forget to look for the contest info in the info box) ;)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Week of Halloween!

Good Evening everyone!

Starting tomorrow will be the week of Halloween! I will be hosting various Halloween activities all through out the week (when I am available.) Make sure to follow my twitter (on the right ->) or just watch here to find out the times of the activities. Here's the schedule of what is happening each day. (If I don't post anything it means I was to busy with IRL stuff like school work and I give my apologies for this in advance.)

Monday (24) - Baron Mordecai in the Wraith Realm.
Tuesday (25) - Lord Nightshade in the Wraith Realm.
Wednesday (26) - Baron Mordecai in the Wraith Realm.
Thursday (27) - Lord Nightshade in the Wraith Realm.
Friday (28) - Sorry! IRL Stuff! = \ (see you tomorrow!)
Saturday (29) - Double Farming! Baron Mordecai and then Lord Nightshade in the Wraith Realm. (Time TBA)
Monday/Halloween! (31) - House Party!!! Meet in Unicorn Park (hey, I want to be unique...) in Wraith Realm. (Time TBA)

I figured that doing those two bosses would be best since they drop some of the best stuff during Halloween. If you have any ideas, just let me know and I can switch them around to fit it in.

Hope to see you there!
Sorry about only giving short notice on the times. I will try to come up with some estimated times and then if you watch my Twitter (@themythmagus) and my DOAW event, I will notify that I am available and will be at the location 15 minutes later. Also, so that I don't end up waiting forever, unless you let me know you will be a little late, I will leave after 30 minutes have passed. Last of all, I'm in Mountain time so all times will be in MTN (which is 1 hr behind central, so if it's 4 central it's 3 mtn). Thanks for your understanding! =D

(P.S. Contests may occur depending on how good of attendance I can plan on. Just RSVP here, on my DOAW event[after it's approved], or on the TMC Facebook page. Thanks!) Hint #1: Cool Screen shots from the events... Hint #2 : Collage...

Until next time,
To the Spiral! (Going to work on a graphic for this...)

-Morgrim Trollfriend
Master Conjurer, Level 48 (No, I do not have Orthrus yet...)

Monday, October 10, 2011

The Hunt for Orthrus (Part 1)

Tonight as I was going through the Grand Chasm, I finished a quest for someone and received a much awaited notice from Cyrus! YAY!

So now is time for pictures, and I warn you now, there are a lot...with some half-asleep humor comments below them. (Oooh goody *sarcastically*...)


Learning time... yay?

A report!? yay...again...

I love reading!

Oh, okay. Thank you!


Are you kidding me!?

I was just there 15 minutes ago...

hehe... no  -_-

Oh sure, and you would have given it to them? Then what would I do?

This one actually made me laugh... hehe

Alrighty, since when was 20 minutes a long time?

ooookay... that only took me about 10 seconds... ???
Hehe, yes, it's been a long time since I had homework in his class.

: O I just took 10 seconds to write it...and you just glance at it!?

How true, how true. ;)

I thought that was real work...


... Nope.

Nope I didn't, but thanks for letting me know what to do! :)


Oooh lovely, talk to an old dead guy... just what I want to do on a Monday night.

Hi...I can see that.

Oooh, lucky is good! (I hope)

Again...lovely, more dead people to see...and perilous? Just gets better and better -_-

I'm off to see the dead guy! Oh wait...I'm not to the Labyrinth yet :(
Well, I'm off to work through the story line! ; )

I know that was a lot, but hope you liked them! I will get the rest of the story up once I reach the Labyrinth.

Also, don't forget to stop by the Halloween Take-Over post (either from the archive thingy on the right or from the home page) and enter in the activities...for not all of them are revealed yet ;) You only have until Friday to enter!

Until next time,
To the Spiral!

-Morgrim Trollfriend
LEVEL 48!! Master Conjurer