Monday, November 21, 2011

The Journal of Talon Deatheyes #2

So I was going around finishing the side quests in Firecat Alley today. The last thing I had to do was fight Wormguts. So I head on in as a level 11 Pyromancer... and come out level 12! =D

With level 12 came a new school only spell. LINK!
* Warning! Laughing may occur beyond this point. *
Went and whooped the fire elf... 
Okay... how?
Ah... hopefully I'll still be in one piece -_-
Hi Mr. Crow! -- Bye Mr. Crow!
More running? (Why hasn't KI added a walking option?)
Hss to you too.
Ah, thanks!
Um, can you say that again? Please?
What does an ancient tongue sound like... and how do you speak IN it? ;)
Good... wait, for what!?
Hello Link!
* Safety beyond this point... maybe... *

After defeating the Kraken, Talon received the Three Street Savior badge.
Also with level 12 I can add Talon into my massive gardening activities.
Then to that is added the opportunity of going to Crab Alley. Sohomer gave him a water breathing potion and pointed out where the best place to jump in was. Talon drank the potion and jumped into the river.
* gurgle* Umm, are -- you sure -- that potion -- was good? *gurgle*
*gurgle* blub blub blub
Luckily  a crab who called himself Herman was able to save me. *shakes water out of hair*

Well, that's all for the update!

Now here's the business :
- Got any screenshots you would like me to edit and add to the New Views Page?
Seen a cool/funny quote in-game?
Got an idea for what I could post, change about the site, etc?
You can send them all in to my email or DM them to me on twitter! Thanks!
- Also, if you haven't already, check out the GFF page!

Thanks everyone!
Until next time!

-Morgrim Trollfriend
Grandmaster Conjurer, Level 50
The Crystal Grove

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