Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ideas for Wizard101 (New and Old)

So yesterday as I was walking around my house, I kept noticing how much furniture we have that is only for looks. I know this is an old idea but I still want to share it. Here are just a few examples:

- Sit on chairs, couches, benches, etc
- Be able to interact/use items: telescope, piano, well(?), etc
- maybe be able to climb things, like the trees (??) or the ladders/scaffolding.
- maybe an easier way to float items, maybe not out over edges, but up.
- clocks should show the current time, or at least have the hands move

A second thing that I wondered was if we would ever be able to play the game, here, in another language. I think that would be totally awesome. Say you've been learning German(or any other language) for about two years. In order to test your learning, and increase it, you would love to try playing Wizard101 in it. Not only would it just be totally awesome (as both me and another twizard talked about -_o) but it would also be another way of making Wizard a way to learn. You would get the joy of playing the game, while at the same time getting the practice of the language. (any thoughts?)

Now again, this is kind of an old idea, but I'm gonna add some of my own thoughts about it :)

So you know how we have all those cool emotes? Well, what if we could get more. Maybe, as many people would love, we would be able to get new types of dancing. That in itself would add an interesting twist on community parties. But then if you think about how maybe we could even get other cool emotes to do.

Now, I know we already have quite a few, and having to go through that list can take a while to find them. Here's my idea. So you know how we have the two chat buttons (help/menu) what if they added an emote button. That way they could add more, and also make it easier to access them.

Here are a few ways that we could possibly earn/get different emotes:
- Quest rewards, pretty simple. Through the Spiral you meet a variety of people who give you quests that in the end reward you with an emote.
- Crowns Shop. Again, simple. You go to the Crowns Shop click and Emote tab and you can buy the emotes(or maybe gold too)
- The last one is crafting. There is a wandering crafting teacher from whom you can buy the station(or quest for it, and it would be No Auction). They would wander the worlds so that you never quite know where they are (don't know if that would work) and you can also buy the recipes from them to craft/learn a new emote.

Thank you for reading! Let me know what you're thoughts are, comments/suggestions are always welcome! :)

Also, just want to let you know for The Earthemenders --- with school and all, I haven't been working on writing very much. I've kind of written out a plan for chapters 3 and 4, so hopefully I can get them done sometime before the end of September. Make sure to read chapter 1 and 2 over at theearthmenders.blogspot.com !

Until, next time...
To the Spiral!

Morgrim Trollfriend
Level 44, Master Conjurer

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Just a Stat update :)

So I thought I would just do a quick post to tell you the stats of my two blogs.

The Magus Conjurer

Visitors: 508 since March 31, 2011
Followers: 16
Comments: 2
Segments in GFF: 3
Posts: 40 (including this one =D)

The Earthmenders

Visitors: 104 since August 1, 2011
Followers: 1
Comments: 0
Posts/Stories: The Air Raid*,
                      Jason Earthmender: The Conjurer in Training( Chapter 1* Chapter 2 *)
( * Links to the stories)

And if you don't know, until tomorrow...Zazzle has a 15% off thing going on, and also $8 off binders

Until next post,
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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Farewell, Autumn

As you may have heard, Autumn of HiaG (Homework in a Graveyard) is no longer going to be among us bloggers.


Also here is the post that Friendly made, which has a note from her.


But in the end of her post, telling us of her leaving, she asked that we not mourn for the leaving of her, but if we really wanted to Memorialize HiaG, we would do two things.

1- Scour HiaG for tips and ideas that we can use to make our own blogs better.

2- We can place a simple Elder(ghost) dandelion in our homes as a memory. When I grow a dandelion to elder, I will then add a simple tab of the right as a memory of HiaG and how it's seeds shall spread to take root in our own blogs. :)

Thank you Autumn for all you've done. The posts, the ideas, and the Trials. It was all very fun.

-Until next time

To the Spiral!

-Morgrim Trollfriend

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Wizard101 Slow Down

As everyone knows, this is the time of year where everyone must leave their studies at Ravenwood and return to the real world. Sadly to say, this means many of them do not get to battle creatures (or friends) for a while, and if they do, it's not for very long.

I am going to be starting my High School education this year, and so their will be a lot more, and harder, work. I will probably not be having very much time to blog or play Wiz. Hopefully I'll be able to still be able to keep in touch on Twitter, and if I can, I'll make sure to write some posts about the game, or maybe school (probably not , that's just a LITTLE weird XD).

I'm going to still work on writing fan fiction for my other blog The Earthmenders . So make sure to check that out. Also, I will hopefully be able to work on my Talon Deatheyes project. That should be fun.

Sorry this is so short, I'm still working on learning/getting used to blogging. (almost 5 months!)

Hope everyone has had a great summer! (Mine was fun, living in a 'cave' where almost everything had to do with Wizard101, hehe) Mine sure was!
- Beat Shiritaki Temple in Mooshu (using the last of my crowns)
- Got Minotaur Minion and Earthquake.
- Joined Wizard101 Central
- made my first (very bad XD) Wizard101 music video, here's the link: The Cello Song
- and best of all, I had a lot of fun with all the people on Twitter.
Thank you twizards! Your the ones who made summer so much fun!

Also, don't forget to check out the GFF tabs above...and the wizard message on the right(near the bottom'ish')

Until next time,
To the Spiral  prepare for school!
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P.S. *beep* Message: Last comment received 5/19/11 *beep* (  ;-D )
Also, any suggestions for my blog are especially welcome by comment or by email. Thanks!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Talon Deatheyes Project

So after seeing both The Friendly Necromancer (Angus Unicornpants) and Ditto Monster(???? can't remember! :o ) start up one of these starter only characters I thought, "Hey why not try?" So here it is!

I used Random.org to choose the schools, made a list of the seven schools and then used the magic number (#1) 3 twice to choose his schools.
I then used the magic number (#2) 7 to choose his name when I was creating him. So here he is!
Orange for Fire and Black trim for secondary Death

Pressed the RANDOM button 7 times and got his name.
So here he is.

Talon Deatheyes, Pyromancer/Necromancer.

If you don't already know how this works, here are the "rules" (?)
- Only wear the starter robes, starter wand, and starter deck
- Little or no outside help

I'll try to do periodic updates on how he is doing. Probably every 10 levels or so, and probably when he reaches a new world or hard boss (like at the end of worlds).

To the Spiral!
-Morgrim Trollfriend

(this is what happens when you run out of crowns! XD Your forced to make a long, hard journey until you get more!)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

(Place relative title here)

So, for house-a-palooza you get a free housing item. It just happens to be a cool looking bridge that I can't even use on a river, so here's what I did. Enjoy the pics.

Hope you liked them!
Now also with House-a-Palooza there are many house giveaways. Here are the links to the ones I know of:
- The Friendly Necromancer
- Paiges Page
- Wizard101 Addict
- The Shadowthistle School ofWizardry
- Valerians School for Wayward Wizards
- Ditto Monsters Bloggy Thing
- Homework in a Graveyard
- That Pyromancer
- The Awesome Pyromancers Diary
Also, at some point Ravenwood Radio, Petnome Project and Diary of a Wizard will be having contest too.
And two sites are having giveaways of their own:
- Deathy Wiz
- Balancing Act

Hope every has good luck with the contests!
In my news:
- I'm working on the next chapter of Jason, so be on the lookout sometime next week, over at The Earthmenders!
- Don't forget to send in your New Views(you can email them to me), Favorite ingame Quotes, and to leave a comment or suggestion here!
- There's a new poll over on the right. You choose: Yes or No (Very easy, lol =D)
- Last of all, don't forget to stop by the GFF(in the works) tab, and help out! (Remember to look down the page on the right for the wizards message.)

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Minotaur Minion

So a little while ago I reached level 38. This meant that I got to learn a new spell! And the best part is it was a new minion...a MINOTAUR!!!! Minotaurs are cool.

So I had to go to Kishibe Village in Mooshu, and talk to a guy named Angoru. He then told me that the mandrake I needed was in his house...which had be taken over by a bandit lord who I had to defeat (of course).
I smashed the little piggy really fast, then teleported back to report to Cyrus. Then to Niles I was sent, and from there to the Well of Souls to wake up the mandrake root...who I then carried screaming back to Cyrus, again. Then I was ready to summon a minion to give me the words of power. And here's where my boring talking ends and you get pictures! YEAH! :-D

Cyrus need help? Yeah right...
Yeah! Magic words! AAAH HE HIT ME WITH HIS AXE!
Yeah a Minotaur and it's only a rank 3 spell! 
So there ya have it.
The Minotaur Minion has 700 life. He does a lot of tower shields, taunting, and some myth spells like Troll.
Very easy to get on the very first round if you start with 2 pips and 1 is a power pip :P

In other news: THE TEST REALM IS ONLINE!!!!! They have just released the new world of Wysteria on the Test Realm, open the launcher and there's a link about it! Also, they're trying out Transporters, more about them at this LINK.

Now all my ongoing things...[that no one does :(    ]
- Send in your favorite ingame quotes (by Twitter or Email). They'll get put up as the Quote of the Week!
- Go to the top and press the Group FF(come help) tab and, as it says, help out! :)
- Go down the page, or maybe even just look to the right for a Wizard, and listen to what he has to say :).
- If you haven't already vote on the poll on the right.
- Check out my fan fiction I wrote over at The Earthmenders (<--link)
- Head over to this POST by DeathyWiz
- And last, but certainly not least, please leave a comment. It's always nice to see what people think about my posts or blog :) . Suggestions are welcome too!

Until we speak again,

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Monday, August 1, 2011

A giveaway and Fanfic!

Here is the post from http://deathywiz.blogspot.com/2011/08/new-poll.html?showComment=1312256033095#c7459783765510277361

Heres what it says:
"So I am fast approaching 1,000 Views! So I will be giving away LOTS of prizes. So I have poll to the side, yes that first vote of "Pets" is from me :/ because they're cheap and so am I, but I'm willing to give-away SP's and MFP's. So...VOTE and if I get 40+ Votes then I will give-away a 10$ Giftcard from Blockbuster. SO again, VOTE!"

So head over and vote on his poll! It should be really fun! (plus who doesn't love free stuff!)

Also, I have started writing fan fiction :). Head over to The Earthmenders and read both Chapter 1 of Jason and my new one, The Air Raid. Hope you enjoy.

And don't forget that message from the Wizard and my Group Fan Fiction...the message is near the bottom of the right column :\. Please check it out (!!!!)

And as always with everything I do, suggestions and comments are VERY VERY VERY welcome :D

Until next time,
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