Monday, August 1, 2011

A giveaway and Fanfic!

Here is the post from

Heres what it says:
"So I am fast approaching 1,000 Views! So I will be giving away LOTS of prizes. So I have poll to the side, yes that first vote of "Pets" is from me :/ because they're cheap and so am I, but I'm willing to give-away SP's and MFP's. So...VOTE and if I get 40+ Votes then I will give-away a 10$ Giftcard from Blockbuster. SO again, VOTE!"

So head over and vote on his poll! It should be really fun! (plus who doesn't love free stuff!)

Also, I have started writing fan fiction :). Head over to The Earthmenders and read both Chapter 1 of Jason and my new one, The Air Raid. Hope you enjoy.

And don't forget that message from the Wizard and my Group Fan Fiction...the message is near the bottom of the right column :\. Please check it out (!!!!)

And as always with everything I do, suggestions and comments are VERY VERY VERY welcome :D

Until next time,
-Morgrim Trollfriend

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