Thursday, July 28, 2011

Message from a "wizard"


Have you heard about the news? A wizard has "hidden" himself on the site! Whatever you do, DON'T listen to / read the message!!!!! He was sent by the evil Mirgom Dneirfllort to trick you! The only way to stop him, and make the wizard our ally(friend), is to finish my first Group Fan Fiction on the tab above (top of the page) by August 31! 

Find the message, but do NOT listen/read it! (pretend I'm saying "Don't press that big red button!" hehe)

If you do listen/read the message, then be warned that you then MUST help finish the story (Muahahaha)

I was able to sneak an extra line in at the end... it is your only way out of it! (Unless of course you DO want to help, then double "points" to you! *hint*) ;)

I hope that this message reaches you in time!

Until next time,
-Morgrim Trollfriend

Post Note: I now have 14 Followers! YEAH! Maybe this Group FF will help to get more :D. Maybe 50 will call for a party :P.

If you have any suggestions, favorite in-game quotes (for Quote of the Week), or edited pictures for me to add to the New Views page, you can email them to me (my email is over on the right near the top) :)

** All entries for New Views, Quote of the Week, or for the Group FF will be attributed to the sender (Wizard name) **

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