Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pets (part 2) and some R.B. pics

Here is part 2 of the Pet Training! I was able to get King Bo to level up to adult and got Lord Sydney so about 200 exp:

I've used up most of my super pet snacks now, so it will be a lot harder to level them in the future. But oh well.

Here is a picture of Me and my trusted buddy, King Bo, and a shot of what the beginnings of the party in Area 3 looked like.

Hope everyone who went had a great time! I didn't stay for very long, I'm still working on getting text chat (starting a couple months before your 13 really stinks if you want text chat) so I didn't see me having very much fun. Though if I had know that Cassandra Hexthorn was a port-bus, I would have gone to that party since I saw her while I was there, oh well... =|

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Pet Training (Part 1)

Here are the results of some of my pet training this week.

I had been farming Prince Gobblestone, and he dropped a Snow Serpent. I got him to teen really quick!

I gave him to my Ice character. So that 1% should come in handy (hehe)

I also hatched a pet with my sister. We used my Cloud Demon(storm elephant, 53) and her Fire Salamander(36) and we got a Fire Salamander(46) so I trained it up to teen too!
It also got a plus 1% accuracy, but in fire.

That's all the leveling I've got so far, I'm going to do some more tomorrow. So be watching for Part 2!
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Thanks everyone!


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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Quote's and...

First I want to let you know that I will now be doing a "Quote of the Week"
If you have a favorite quote from somewhere, email it to me (please include who says it) and it may be put up as Q. of the W!

Also, I am going to be doing one of those 'no armour' characters. My sister is letting me do it on her account so that I can earn items that she can then sell to get more gold for hatching. :)
What I am doing is that he will only have his starter clothing and a wand (and possibly a mount). Then anything he gets, except for reagents and housing items, will be put into the shared bank.
His name is Brandon DragonCatcher, and he is a Myth/Balance character. Last night I was able to get him part-way through Triton Avenue and he is now level 7.

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-The Ravenwood Ball is this Saturday, On realm Vampire(area 1) at 6pm Central. See you there
-Last of all, this week I am going to be doing a lot of Pet Training as per my last poll.


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Saturday, June 18, 2011

This week's fun

Sorry I haven't posted for a while, I couldn't think of anything besides a weekly thing maybe.

So I have finally allowed the poll on the right to close(lol), and the result is PET TRAINING!!!!
I will try to get working on it next week. I'm still having to much over at KIFreeGames :). All those helpful little pet snacks and new pets will make it more fun to train.

So far this week I have been doing the following:
-Earning rewards at KIFreeGames.
-I have been working on training my life alt, Ronan Griffinfist. (more about that later)
-Last of all, I have been trying to decide what to spend my gold on. That's the next poll on the right.

So with Ronan I have finished W.C. except for Sunken City and gotten to level 15. But since I can't seem to find anyone to go in with, I am working on getting the Gobbler badges (almost a Gobbler Gobbler) by farming     the Gobbler Prince and I will then go finish getting the third Giants badge. Hopefully I can get to level 16 before I go into Krok.

I'm still waiting to see some more comments, there were a couple a little while ago but that's all... :(

Last of all, I really need some help working on my Fan Fiction over at My.DOAW, so here's the link, any help is appreciated!

Until next time...

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pet-A-Palooza (2)

How's your celebration of P-A-P going? hehe, mines going pretty good.
So with it there's all the bonus items at KI Free Games? Well, I've been having a little fun there.
Here are just a couple of my best scores (so far):
3 Pet Snacks = Yellow Corn, Cherry Tomato, Star Fruit
500 Gold
Which was Tier 11 (WOAH!)
2 Pet Snacks = Radioactive Pizza, Orange Jalepeno
Mega Snack Pack (WOOOOOT!)
250 Gold
Which was Tier 9 (Sweet!)
-Also, I got a Death Scarab

Here are some pictures of the Scarab and the awesome pet snacks!
Got him to Teen already!


A +50!

Other Things:
- Don't forget, the poll will finally end this week. --->
- Head over and help with my Fan Fiction.
- Last of all, head over to this LINK to find out more about the Diary of a Wizard's 2nd Annual Ravenwood Ball. You can also enter to win prizes there. The party itself will take place in Ravenwood, Vampire- Area 1, on June 25, 2011 from 6pm Central Time until Bartleby finally tells us all to go home. :) Hope to see you there. 


Monday, June 6, 2011

It's Pet-a-Palooza time!

Do you remember that Mountpalooza we had a little while ago? Well now it's time for PETS!
The first time log in between June 6th and 14th, you will receive a random free pet snack! And they are also adding more pets and talents to the game.

If you want more info, just open the launcher and you can find the link their.

-I'm finally going to finish my poll, so make sure to post your answer before 11:59pm on Friday.
-Head over to my New Fan Fiction (<--link) on to help out.


I found out later that KI Free Games is also giving out things all throughout June!
Depending on your score, you get a set amount of gold, some pet snacks and a chance at getting the pet for that Tier. So if you want to get some extra free pet snacks and maybe a pet, head over there!