Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Quote's and...

First I want to let you know that I will now be doing a "Quote of the Week"
If you have a favorite quote from somewhere, email it to me (please include who says it) and it may be put up as Q. of the W!

Also, I am going to be doing one of those 'no armour' characters. My sister is letting me do it on her account so that I can earn items that she can then sell to get more gold for hatching. :)
What I am doing is that he will only have his starter clothing and a wand (and possibly a mount). Then anything he gets, except for reagents and housing items, will be put into the shared bank.
His name is Brandon DragonCatcher, and he is a Myth/Balance character. Last night I was able to get him part-way through Triton Avenue and he is now level 7.

-Don't forget the poll on the right --->
-The Ravenwood Ball is this Saturday, On realm Vampire(area 1) at 6pm Central. See you there
-Last of all, this week I am going to be doing a lot of Pet Training as per my last poll.


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