Thursday, September 29, 2011

IT has arrived!

Can you guess what IT is?


Well, look at the sidebar. (You might have to scroll down a little.)

Did you find it?

You did?


I finally added my link and memory to the archive of Homework in a Graveyard.
I know it's a little late...but I'm glad that now I have it.
If you click on it, you will be taken through a portal to the HIAG archive. In order to find other posts, you have to scroll down that page and on the right it will have the Blog Archive. There you can begin to, as Autumn asked us to do,

"Rob the Graveyard, dissect it, search it, use it as a compost for the next generation of growth."
"Take whatever seeds of inspiration you can glean from "Homework", and make it your own."

I hope those seeds of inspiration land in mine and every other bloggers mind, grow, and improve us.

Until next time,
To the Spiral!

- Morgrim Trollfriend
Level 47, Magus Master Conjurer

Friday, September 16, 2011

Defying the "Little Hater"

(for more info on the title, go here *AFTER you read* : LINK)

*Start Post*

So crazy stuff has been going on lately. Here's some of the many things I've been working on lately...and if survive that, you'll get to see some funny pictures (at least...they were funny to me...I think....?).

- I'm in the Ambrose2Zeke Champions II : Curse of the Blightfrost. So far I've survived the first 3 challenges. (Yay!)

- I am now in Dragonspyre and have finished the Tower Archives.

- I achieved Master Artisan.

- I've done a bunch of gardening and pet training.

- I've written out chapter 3 of Jason Earthmender (read chapters 1 and 2 HERE) Hopefully, I will be typing it up and sending it to my "editors" sometime this weekend or early next week.

That's pretty much all for what I've done in the last couple weeks. Now here's some news and other things.

Don't forget to vote for Wizard101 at GDC. Info is HERE. Voting is HERE.

There is a Crown sale going on right now, the one where it's $60 dollars for 60,000 crowns! Been wanting to buy some of the new mounts, hoard packs, or houses? Well now's your chance!

And don't forget to leave name suggestions HERE, you only have until Sunday night to do so (probably around 10:00 MTN)

Last of all, I would love for you to leave a comment. Whether it be a suggestion, criticism(constructive), or just a crazy question. I'm still trying to figure out how to do all this so any help you can give is gladly accepted!

Until next time,
-Morgrim Trollfriend
The Master Conjurer (??? How am I going to do this ???)

*End Post*'re still here? I thought you left at the very beginning... well, off with you now!

O_o You're STILL here?
What pictures?
OHHH, those pictures... well here they are. Let me know if you see what I saw and make sure to read the comments on them. Enjoy! :)

Click to make bigger...but how does that work?
Do they only look at my site for two seconds or what?




*Glances Sideways*

Oh...what a big nose you have!

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

In Remembrance of 9/11/01

                                              ____________________________________________  ____
                                              ____________________________  ______________ ___ __
                                              ____________________________________________  ____
_______________   _____________________________________________ ___    
_______________________________________________________________  __

Remembering all who lost their lives on this day, 10 years ago...

Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Question of Names XD

Okay, so as you know I am writing fan fiction over at

In my current chapter, I'm starting to add in his family members. The problem I'm having though, is the names.
Here are the ones I have so far,

Jason's Mom is Life : Lily Earthmender
Jason's older Sister is Ice : Crystal Earthmender

And here is what I need to figure out,

Jason's Dad is Balance : ???
Jason's younger brother is Storm : ???

Just comment your idea's (and if you have any ideas for changes of the first two names you can comment those too!) and I'll add a note at the bottom of this post thanking whoever's I chose.

Thank you for your help!
Until next time,

To the Spiral!
Morgrim Trollfriend
Level 46, Master Conjurer