Thursday, September 29, 2011

IT has arrived!

Can you guess what IT is?


Well, look at the sidebar. (You might have to scroll down a little.)

Did you find it?

You did?


I finally added my link and memory to the archive of Homework in a Graveyard.
I know it's a little late...but I'm glad that now I have it.
If you click on it, you will be taken through a portal to the HIAG archive. In order to find other posts, you have to scroll down that page and on the right it will have the Blog Archive. There you can begin to, as Autumn asked us to do,

"Rob the Graveyard, dissect it, search it, use it as a compost for the next generation of growth."
"Take whatever seeds of inspiration you can glean from "Homework", and make it your own."

I hope those seeds of inspiration land in mine and every other bloggers mind, grow, and improve us.

Until next time,
To the Spiral!

- Morgrim Trollfriend
Level 47, Magus Master Conjurer

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