Thursday, March 31, 2011

Another day in Ravenwood.

Yeah! Its day two of The Magus Conjurer.
I figure since all the other blogs are posting thoughts on tomorrows timer, I should put in mine. All these mount contests kind of make me wonder if it has to do with mounts...but really, I think it could easily be one big April Fools Joke. My other thought, which is reallllllly far off, is that maybe they have been working on Wintertusk all this time and are going to suprise us with it on the Test Realm.

Back to the contest-------I have entered a few. Heres a list of the ones that I entered:
Diary of a Wizard - Sea Turtles
Valerian's School for Wayward Wizards - Chestnut Ponies
West Karana - Manta Rays
The Shadowthistle School - Dream Filly

That last one had a enter a edited picture thing... and this is what I entered ;) I'll find a way to put it somewhere on the blog for EVERYONE to find outside this post. I call it the "bowing" Minotaur

Don't forget about the poll over there----------------------------------------------------------------------->
Hope to see some results by next friday :)

Also, still waiting to hear some ideas for my exiting message...emails over there too------------------------->

Until tomorrow when we find out what happens at 10:15 in the morning (at least by my time)
-Morgrim Trollfriend
The Magus Conjurer

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I have moved!

Any of the people who were visiting my Google site and are wondering why I switched...heres your explanation. 

For the last little while very few people were visiting the website, and none were leaving suggestions or comments. I never knew what to post! But today I checked the suggestions, and a wizard by the name Isaac Stormflame said that I should switch to blogger because it's much simpler. So I did! And here I am.

Hopefully, one day, I will return to having a website. But before I do, I'll make sure to find out a lot more about running a site.

Make sure to stop by the sidebar and take this weeks poll. It's open until next friday, but I'll probably just refresh it each week. It is asking what readers want we to work on and post about for the week. Hope to see your thoughts soon.

And now to think of a closing saying...any ideas? 
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