The Art Gallery

Got a cool/interesting/funny screenshot from in-game? Send it in and it could be featured in the Art Gallery here at the Conjurer's Inn! Also, you can include your own caption for the shot, otherwise I will just make my own... which could be interesting. Each week a new one will be added (depending on if there are any entries). ;) So good luck and happy screenshot shooting! (Email -

Not sure how to take a good screenshot? Well here's a quick guide!
1. Press "Crtl+G". This removes all the game interface things (chat bubbles, orbs, spellbook, etc)
2. Press "Print Screen". This takes the screenshot.
3. Press "Crtl+G". This will return the game interface and you should also see the location of where the screenshot was saved.

Make sure to check out how you could win a prize HERE!

#1 Looking at the Stars by Morgrim Trollfriend
Never stop searching the stars.

#2 Monster Museum by Morgrim Trollfriend
#2 Monster Museum by Morgrim Trollfriend
It's gonna eat me!

#3 Flaming Forest by Morgrim Trollfriend
Fire! Fire!
#4 Sad Day by Morgrim Trollfriend
Even the plants can get sad.

#5 ? by ??? ??? 

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