Saturday, June 2, 2012

Time Flies and I Forgot

      I was looking through the titles of some recent blog posts and noticed that Talon Thunderblade's Blogoversary was on May 31. (link here)

     The moment it loaded up I immediately face palmed...
     Now why would I do that? Maybe because I myself started this blog (though the title has varied) one year and two days ago! There is even another amazing surprise to add onto this.

     We here have had over 1000 visitors! =D

This calls for some prizes!

Here are the details on how you can enter:

     - Follow The Conjurer's Inn. -->
     - Send in an entry for the Art Gallery.
     - Leave a comment below on what you think of my blog and how I could improve it. 

     So entering is simple enough. There are different ways that different prizes will be won. By following and commenting you get an entry (for each one) into a raffle like drawing. On the other hand, by submitting an entry to the Art Gallery, not only do you get a raffle entry, but you get a chance at the "grand" prize(s)*.
These prizes will vary depending on what I can pull together by June 30 when the contest ends.

     Also, depending on your feedback, I may host party to celebrate on that same day. (so more details on that later). Watch for info in the Courtyard.

      Last of all, if you haven't heard, which I don't know how you wouldn't, Pet-A-Palooza has returned! Make sure to check the Wizard101 website every day for a pet snack or possibly a snack pack.

I hope you enjoyed your stay, come back soon!
- Morgrim Trollfriend**
The Innkeeper

* These are only possible prizes, and may not be the grandest of prizes you have seen. ;)
** Don't forget to vote on the poll! Thank you!


  1. I'm actually new to this site this must be the second time I've been on it.
    You could improve by maybe providing guides and updating readers with news about wizard101 :)

  2. If I were you I would totally post like every two days about your Wizard's adventure. And if you are maxed out, make an alt! Or if you don't have a subscription, get one! Can't get one? No reason to blog about the game. Also, like Tasha said, post about Wizard 101 news and maybe express your opinion abot it.


    ~Keep It Dead


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