Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Travels in Grizzleheim

I recently celebrated a birthday... and I got a $20 Wiz Card! (10000 Crowns)

With this card I finally was able to buy a ticket to Nidavellir (which comes with the Hall of Valor, Winterdeep Warren, and Helgrind Warren) and Ravenscar to finish travelling in the Grizzleheim area. I'm travelling in Ravenscar as I type this, setting my Celestian travels on the side. On the way I took some photo's to share my travel experiences with you.

Umm... insta-flee time!
 Just want to let you know... I really don't like fleeing, but when I saw how much life they had there was no way I was wasting my time there.

They look funny when you hit them. Hahaha

Team Mates! Maybe we have a chance now....

Getting closer...

Knocked one of them out. Boom!

Same one... but as he's about to fall.

Close up of the two of us. Hmm, that's a nice picture of me... but not in those clothes. :\

Last of the Jotuns brothers. Yay!

Fighting one of the funny birds.

Bye bye funny bird.

Oh thanks, just let me risk my life while you sit in your safe little cell.

Umm, sure... CHARGE! Give me your key please?

Oh... well that makes sense. Bird magic and wizard magic are different.

Oh great, what do I need for that?

Why can't I get some of  yours? I just need three! ... okay.
Five minutes later - "Question: I just fought a couple of them and didn't get any feathers... how did I not get any feathers from them? They're covered in hundreds of them! *grumble* dumb collection quests *grumble*"

If I find any more cool things along the way in Ravenscar I'll make sure to post them here so you can see how it's going. Hopefully I'll make it into the Tower without getting beat up too much by the funny birds... or the creepy hooded birds like Hrafn.

Oh, and once I finish travelling around Ravenscar I will use the rest of the crowns to return to Celestia and continue helping the Marleybonians in their studies. Ooh, but I must find some of those Grizzleheim music scrolls first!

There is a new poll on a change of blog design idea over on the right! And as you can probably guess, getting a Grizzleheim theme added to it (possibly... in the near or, probably, the far future).

- M. Trollfriend
The Innkeeper

Ps. A big thanks to all the people who have commented on my posts, they give me a much better feel of the readership than just the plain old page view stats. :)

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