Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Questing Crew

So recently I have been questing in Celestia. And as always, I have been taking pictures so I can share my adventures with all of you. I have mostly been sharing dialogue... but the thing is, I didn't take very good details. So I had these new idea that is cool for both me and for you!

Recently I have joined Ian Stormstaff and Jordan Seadreamer in working on A Wizards Attic: click. And this just gave me an idea. (I just erased 4 paragraphs of ramble to replace it with this new idea). I know that lots of places have posted the quest lines... but I would be doing it in my funny sarcasm filled way. Kind of like my Travels posts... but more detailed. So, in the coming weeks, I'm going to work on creating this new project and if you would like to help fill out the form on the Questing Crew page.: click or tab above

Depending on the results I get from the form, I put together some more details. I'm hoping to begin this project by next week.

Now, onto the next item of business. Last weeks poll asked what you thought of a change in header/theme (thanks to the seven of you who answered). The top choice was that the change would be a possibility, but you guys would like to see some samples. The problem is, I haven't had time to work on them. Also, if you have your own cool idea, let me know in the comments. (help from those with graphic design skills is always nice). ;)

Samples 1-3: See a later post - click (not available yet)

To finish up I'd just like to remind you all to head over to diaryofawizard.com to join in with all their contest and party fun! It's sure to be amazing!

~ M. Trollfriend ~
The Innkeeper

P.s. I will post those photos next time... if I don't get distracted. :P
Maybe the Samples will be in that one too. ;)

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