Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ravenwood Ball and Deathbane Maze 2012

Hello amazing readers!

Tonight was the Ravenwood Ball. I headed over around 3:00 pm MTN time and found a surprise. Area 1 was "unavailable" and a pretty good sized group of wizards were partying in Area 2 (where I was).

I ended up running into a Deathbane Maze port bus and ended up there for the next 5 hours. x_x
I was on my own for most of the time. I followed some wizards around house 3 and 4 and then ended up with a couple of people for houses 6 and 7. Sadly, in house 7 (Tower of Winter Winds) of the Deathbane Maze... we got stuck in an area with no way to get out. We waited there for about 2 hours trying to find where we were supposed to squeeze through, or even just for someone to walk by below that we could teleport to. So I ended up leaving, two houses before the finish. :\

But all in all it was a pretty fun night. I may not have got to spend time really at the big party. The game didn't allow me that privilege. All I can do now is hope that next year I might be better prepared!

Now, here are some of the photos I took as I ran around. You can view them below or at the following link.

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Until I write again, have a wonderful time in the world of Wizard101 (or Pirate101 Beta if you've been lucky).

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