Friday, September 7, 2012

BP #(O_o): Through the Eyes of a Sorcerer

Earlier this week, as I checked the blogs I follow, I came upon this one by John Lifeglen called "Some Food for Blogger-y Thought". In it he shares his idea of helping out the awesome blogger community by making posts (like this one) to help promote others blogs. So here I am with a new thing I'm going to try out called BP or Blog Promotion. You can share your thoughts on it in the comments section (I would do a poll, but they seem to be broken). Since this is the first one it isn't in the full format that it will be in, but I'll try my best to work on that.

You can check out his post here:

In other news, this week Wizard101 celebrated it's 4th birthday! For all you who have been strong in staying with the game for all those year, I commend you.
We also got all the new pet updates put in recently, so make sure to go try out all the new games. They're pretty fun and a great change from the other four.

Last of all, I just want to let you know that posts are going to be a lot slower for the time being for a couple reasons: The first is that school has started and as everyone will tell you, your Junior year is the hardest... and I can already feel that! Second, my time is being spent in other lands of the gaming world (Gielinor and Skull Island).

Thanks for stopping by. Like I said, as this is just the starting of these it has some extra stuff. The next ones will be purely the BP itself. :)

~ M. Trollfriend ~
   The Innkeeper

Ps. Here's my idea for the setup:

- Cool Header Thingy (ideas?)
- About the blogger/blog
- A recent post of theirs

Check back next week! :D