Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Question of Names XD

Okay, so as you know I am writing fan fiction over at

In my current chapter, I'm starting to add in his family members. The problem I'm having though, is the names.
Here are the ones I have so far,

Jason's Mom is Life : Lily Earthmender
Jason's older Sister is Ice : Crystal Earthmender

And here is what I need to figure out,

Jason's Dad is Balance : ???
Jason's younger brother is Storm : ???

Just comment your idea's (and if you have any ideas for changes of the first two names you can comment those too!) and I'll add a note at the bottom of this post thanking whoever's I chose.

Thank you for your help!
Until next time,

To the Spiral!
Morgrim Trollfriend
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  1. Young brother name is Pillan and father name is Cosmo. I thought that names should fit but your decide. :) Good Luck!

  2. I say dad is Valkoor Willowspear and the brother is Jason Stormbringer. :) BTW its me @MarkSilversword on twitter.


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