Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ideas for Wizard101 (New and Old)

So yesterday as I was walking around my house, I kept noticing how much furniture we have that is only for looks. I know this is an old idea but I still want to share it. Here are just a few examples:

- Sit on chairs, couches, benches, etc
- Be able to interact/use items: telescope, piano, well(?), etc
- maybe be able to climb things, like the trees (??) or the ladders/scaffolding.
- maybe an easier way to float items, maybe not out over edges, but up.
- clocks should show the current time, or at least have the hands move

A second thing that I wondered was if we would ever be able to play the game, here, in another language. I think that would be totally awesome. Say you've been learning German(or any other language) for about two years. In order to test your learning, and increase it, you would love to try playing Wizard101 in it. Not only would it just be totally awesome (as both me and another twizard talked about -_o) but it would also be another way of making Wizard a way to learn. You would get the joy of playing the game, while at the same time getting the practice of the language. (any thoughts?)

Now again, this is kind of an old idea, but I'm gonna add some of my own thoughts about it :)

So you know how we have all those cool emotes? Well, what if we could get more. Maybe, as many people would love, we would be able to get new types of dancing. That in itself would add an interesting twist on community parties. But then if you think about how maybe we could even get other cool emotes to do.

Now, I know we already have quite a few, and having to go through that list can take a while to find them. Here's my idea. So you know how we have the two chat buttons (help/menu) what if they added an emote button. That way they could add more, and also make it easier to access them.

Here are a few ways that we could possibly earn/get different emotes:
- Quest rewards, pretty simple. Through the Spiral you meet a variety of people who give you quests that in the end reward you with an emote.
- Crowns Shop. Again, simple. You go to the Crowns Shop click and Emote tab and you can buy the emotes(or maybe gold too)
- The last one is crafting. There is a wandering crafting teacher from whom you can buy the station(or quest for it, and it would be No Auction). They would wander the worlds so that you never quite know where they are (don't know if that would work) and you can also buy the recipes from them to craft/learn a new emote.

Thank you for reading! Let me know what you're thoughts are, comments/suggestions are always welcome! :)

Also, just want to let you know for The Earthemenders --- with school and all, I haven't been working on writing very much. I've kind of written out a plan for chapters 3 and 4, so hopefully I can get them done sometime before the end of September. Make sure to read chapter 1 and 2 over at theearthmenders.blogspot.com !

Until, next time...
To the Spiral!

Morgrim Trollfriend
Level 44, Master Conjurer

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