Saturday, August 13, 2011

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So, for house-a-palooza you get a free housing item. It just happens to be a cool looking bridge that I can't even use on a river, so here's what I did. Enjoy the pics.

Hope you liked them!
Now also with House-a-Palooza there are many house giveaways. Here are the links to the ones I know of:
- The Friendly Necromancer
- Paiges Page
- Wizard101 Addict
- The Shadowthistle School ofWizardry
- Valerians School for Wayward Wizards
- Ditto Monsters Bloggy Thing
- Homework in a Graveyard
- That Pyromancer
- The Awesome Pyromancers Diary
Also, at some point Ravenwood Radio, Petnome Project and Diary of a Wizard will be having contest too.
And two sites are having giveaways of their own:
- Deathy Wiz
- Balancing Act

Hope every has good luck with the contests!
In my news:
- I'm working on the next chapter of Jason, so be on the lookout sometime next week, over at The Earthmenders!
- Don't forget to send in your New Views(you can email them to me), Favorite ingame Quotes, and to leave a comment or suggestion here!
- There's a new poll over on the right. You choose: Yes or No (Very easy, lol =D)
- Last of all, don't forget to stop by the GFF(in the works) tab, and help out! (Remember to look down the page on the right for the wizards message.)

Until next time,

Morgrim Trollfriend
Level 43
Master Conjurer

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