Thursday, August 4, 2011

Minotaur Minion

So a little while ago I reached level 38. This meant that I got to learn a new spell! And the best part is it was a new minion...a MINOTAUR!!!! Minotaurs are cool.

So I had to go to Kishibe Village in Mooshu, and talk to a guy named Angoru. He then told me that the mandrake I needed was in his house...which had be taken over by a bandit lord who I had to defeat (of course).
I smashed the little piggy really fast, then teleported back to report to Cyrus. Then to Niles I was sent, and from there to the Well of Souls to wake up the mandrake root...who I then carried screaming back to Cyrus, again. Then I was ready to summon a minion to give me the words of power. And here's where my boring talking ends and you get pictures! YEAH! :-D

Cyrus need help? Yeah right...
Yeah! Magic words! AAAH HE HIT ME WITH HIS AXE!
Yeah a Minotaur and it's only a rank 3 spell! 
So there ya have it.
The Minotaur Minion has 700 life. He does a lot of tower shields, taunting, and some myth spells like Troll.
Very easy to get on the very first round if you start with 2 pips and 1 is a power pip :P

In other news: THE TEST REALM IS ONLINE!!!!! They have just released the new world of Wysteria on the Test Realm, open the launcher and there's a link about it! Also, they're trying out Transporters, more about them at this LINK.

Now all my ongoing things...[that no one does :(    ]
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- Check out my fan fiction I wrote over at The Earthmenders (<--link)
- Head over to this POST by DeathyWiz
- And last, but certainly not least, please leave a comment. It's always nice to see what people think about my posts or blog :) . Suggestions are welcome too!

Until we speak again,

Morgrim Trollfriend
Level 41
Master Conjurer

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