Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pet-A-Palooza (2)

How's your celebration of P-A-P going? hehe, mines going pretty good.
So with it there's all the bonus items at KI Free Games? Well, I've been having a little fun there.
Here are just a couple of my best scores (so far):
3 Pet Snacks = Yellow Corn, Cherry Tomato, Star Fruit
500 Gold
Which was Tier 11 (WOAH!)
2 Pet Snacks = Radioactive Pizza, Orange Jalepeno
Mega Snack Pack (WOOOOOT!)
250 Gold
Which was Tier 9 (Sweet!)
-Also, I got a Death Scarab

Here are some pictures of the Scarab and the awesome pet snacks!
Got him to Teen already!


A +50!

Other Things:
- Don't forget, the poll will finally end this week. --->
- Head over and help with my Fan Fiction.
- Last of all, head over to this LINK to find out more about the Diary of a Wizard's 2nd Annual Ravenwood Ball. You can also enter to win prizes there. The party itself will take place in Ravenwood, Vampire- Area 1, on June 25, 2011 from 6pm Central Time until Bartleby finally tells us all to go home. :) Hope to see you there. 


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