Monday, June 6, 2011

It's Pet-a-Palooza time!

Do you remember that Mountpalooza we had a little while ago? Well now it's time for PETS!
The first time log in between June 6th and 14th, you will receive a random free pet snack! And they are also adding more pets and talents to the game.

If you want more info, just open the launcher and you can find the link their.

-I'm finally going to finish my poll, so make sure to post your answer before 11:59pm on Friday.
-Head over to my New Fan Fiction (<--link) on to help out.


I found out later that KI Free Games is also giving out things all throughout June!
Depending on your score, you get a set amount of gold, some pet snacks and a chance at getting the pet for that Tier. So if you want to get some extra free pet snacks and maybe a pet, head over there!

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