Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pets (part 2) and some R.B. pics

Here is part 2 of the Pet Training! I was able to get King Bo to level up to adult and got Lord Sydney so about 200 exp:

I've used up most of my super pet snacks now, so it will be a lot harder to level them in the future. But oh well.

Here is a picture of Me and my trusted buddy, King Bo, and a shot of what the beginnings of the party in Area 3 looked like.

Hope everyone who went had a great time! I didn't stay for very long, I'm still working on getting text chat (starting a couple months before your 13 really stinks if you want text chat) so I didn't see me having very much fun. Though if I had know that Cassandra Hexthorn was a port-bus, I would have gone to that party since I saw her while I was there, oh well... =|

Don't forget to send in your favorite in-game quotes, answer the poll on the right, and have a great time in game!


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