Friday, July 1, 2011

The Game and Poll

Just a short one today...

I'm not sure how many know, but Homework in a Graveyard is doing an awesome thing. Little did I know that by finding the answer to a post would get me into a CONTEST!
This contest is a game over at HiaG, where we, the 16 players, have to save the website. I'll keep you updated on what is going on with it later next week. (I answered the first level today!)

Also, the results of the poll have come in! I am going to be getting the MYTH HOUSE, an awesome use for 100 thousand gold. This should be fun to decorate(especially if I have to take all the items from my Marleybone Manor)! (Again, I'll have some pics and other things about it next week!)

Make sure to send in your favorite IN-Game quote to my email (Its over there ---> on the right)
Have a great weekend!


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