Sunday, July 24, 2011

GFF Handout

There will be a (tier 4+) giveaway when it's finished, and tweet GFF to me for more info!
**OOPS That should say 5 month**

And don't forget the poll over on the right!

Spread the news about this! If we can get enough people to help, maybe we could make two stories by then!(Wouldn't that be awesome, working as a community to create literature! Maybe when it's done we could submit it to the official Fan Fiction!?) Just remember that your entry must follow the rules that are posted. Even if you don't post, at least come and follow the's pretty suspenseful right now. 

And it just might make it even more worth it than I plan on it ---oops! I meant to say don't zoom --- 

Hmmm... A writer always gets a reward, whether it be experience or money. And they usually get more opportunities afterwards. secret message

Hope to see some entries for the story soon! Even if only finish one, we will still have all become writers! hint  But if we do finish two, we will double the reward be even better writers.

Until tomorrow (or whenever I next post)


-Morgrim Trollfriend
*PS For all of us here in Utah, HAPPY PIONEER DAY!!!!*

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