Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Group Fan Fiction!

I had started this over at Diary of a Wizard ConnectX, but not many people wrote in... so I'm moving it here. I will post the first three peoples entries (as they are commented) at the bottom! Enjoy! 

So I had this great idea for fan fiction: group story telling! So the idea is that I start out the story and then other people will continue with a short addition...I'm going to start with just having ten other people help out. ANYONE can help.
1. Must be relevant to the preceding story.
2. Please put the number that you are so that I know when it's been 10 people. (ex. 1. blah blah blah, 2. blah blah blah, etc)
3. Must be family friendly (of course).
4. Have fun, but don't make your addition too long.
5. Person number ten needs to end the story with a THE END or some sort of ending.
6. Leave your name at the bottom (Wizard101 name) so that I can have a "Thank you:" at the bottom when I post the story.
(If you have any more ideas for rules let me know and I'll add them in the next one)

So, I will start (I don't count as one of the ten)...oh, I'm going to post the completed story here when it's finished (without numbers and then the "thanks to ..." at the bottom, in other words, make it look nice and fix typo's, ect)

(Your #) It was a perfectly normal day in Ravenwood as I walked down the path to my next class. I was just returning from my lunch with some friends in the Commons and headed for the Myth school. Little did I know what an exciting day it would be. I sat in my normal desk at the back of the classroom and waited for the last few students to come in. When they had all arrived Professor Drake began the lesson.
-Morgrim Trollfriend

Now let the group fan fiction story begin! (Continue off of my beginning, thanks!)
P.s. Any entries after person #10 ends the story will not be used. And if it's a comment your posting and not part of the story say so, that way people will not be confused. Thanks!

(here are the first three entries)
#1 Drake began class normally. With a sigh, he asked for my homework, and I apperently was the only one who did it. He gave everyone detention but me! He gave me an envelope. He said to take it to Cyclops Lane. I was so excited to figure out what it was!
-Panglou (Erin Bloomweaver) 
#2 By the time I walked to the commons, I noticed I was going to have a hard time delivering the envelope... It was blank!
"What to do? What to do??", Not wanting to disturb Professor Drake's teaching, I did the only thing I could do. I started walking towards Gamma's door. Gamma is a wise old bird, surely he would know how to tell who the envelope was to be delivered to.
-Destiny Dragonbringer
#3 I walked through the door to his tower and slipped in. I never really liked coming in here often since it is so dark. I smiled as I saw Merle petting Gamma. I waved Hello and put the letter on Gamma's desk as he flew towards it. He scourned it in digust. Merle picked up the letter and read it too. He then looked up at me with a strange look in his eye as if saying I didn't belong there.
~Jasmine Smith (Elite Wizard)

So now start as #4 (whoever comments first, then 5, 6,...10) 

**I'm going to be working on my own work of FF, maybe I can get more than one chapter done, hehe** 
Also, the following items are things that I would like people to email me or do(please?):
1. Answer the poll on the right
2. Send in your favorite ingame quote (and who said it)
3. Any suggestions on how to improve my blog
4. Any edited/cropped screenshots that you would like to have as a New View (see link /\)
Thanks so much if you do this, I would really appreciate it!

-Morgrim Trollfriend
P.S. Hopefully my internet will work and I will be having a Big Ben run this Friday (22) from 6-8 pm MST, or 7-9 Central, etc. Its on Satyr Area 1, meet at the elevator (I will probably get on 5-10 minutes early)

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