Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Hunt for Orthrus (Part 2)

(If you missed the first part here's the link: The Hunt for Orthrus (Part 1) )

With the help of the Dark Wizard (@Dark_Pact from twitter) I was able to complete the Labyrinth, after which I headed back down the path and fought the boss guy for the collars. Amazingly he only had about 1150 health with a 1000 health minion. =O

So I quickly destroyed him and then headed back to Cyrus in Ravenwood (not the Basilica).

- Warning : now begins the many pictures with random comments by Morgrim Trollfriend -

It better be good enough....

Ummm... Nope.

Oh, I was thinking bacon strips, but okay.


... should he?

Oh goodie... as long as I don't have to go hunt for it...

Isn't this rather small?

A two-headed CAT? Where do all these multi-headed animals come from!?

Hey, it wasn't me that chose it.

(um, nothing to say here)

Did you just call the people of Mooshu CATTLE?

I think I know just the one.

Here doggie? Really?

You're happy about this tiny little bone?
Just because I gave you a bone... sounds good to me.

Wait... did you just say... what I think you said?


About 155 more damage than the spell itself I think.
- End pictures and comments -

Well, I'm glad that that's over.

Also, again with the help of the Dark Wizard, all nine(9) pieces of the Dragonriders Staff were recovered from the the Obsidian Chests throughout the Spiral. We had a great time racing each other to the sigils. =)

In other news :
- I AM NOW A GRANDMASTER! All that experience from the Orthrus quest finished up my bar to get there.
- I will try and redecorate the site for the next holiday... and maybe, though I hate to even think about it, get a head start on the next one...
- If you haven't already checked out the group fan fiction page (the in the works one at the top) you should stop by there. If you have any tips to get it moving again, let me know in the comments.
- Also, if you've got a cool screenshot and would like to have it added to the New Views page, just email it to me and I will work on getting it in there. Each week I will add one in to the page along with a thank you to the person who submitted it.
- Last of all, TMC now has 21 followers with over 700 views! WOOHOO!

Thank you for all your support everyone,

Until next time,
To the Spiral!

-Morgrim Trollfriend
Grandmaster Conjurer, Level 50
The Crystal Grove

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  1. Awesome job (; I loved your comments! Totally made my day.


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