Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New Things Are Here!

Hey all!

Just want to let you know of some of the things that are being added into the site!

If you look at the tabs bar you will find that there is a new one! The Music Scroll Hunt arrived! So head on over there and help out if you can!

Also, if you go onto the GFF page and read through (or if you REALLY want to just skip) to the bottom of the page. There you should find a new entry form! This should help to make it easier for people to enter.

I'll try to keep everyone updated on any of the changes I will make via Twitter and Facebook.
Twitter = @themythmagus
Facebook = scroll down a little and look at the side bar... ;)

Until next time,
To the Spiral!

-Morgrim Trollfriend
Grandmaster Conjurer, Level 50
The Crystal Grove

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