Friday, December 23, 2011

The Dragons Roost

Amid the flame and danger of battle a new drake is seen flying out of the academy.

Yay, a friend!

On your back? Why? *climbs on- dragon takes off* WOAH!

WOAH! ... ah, it's kind of hot in here... *woosh* ooh, your wings make a nice breeze :)

um, woops....

So yeah, I just reached the Dragons Roost... or in other words, the entrance to the Malistaire instance. Now since this is such a great achievement, I want to share it with 3 other awesome wizards who read my blog. All you have to do is :
- Be able to enter the Malistaire Instance (Great Spyre)
- Comment the following below :
    - Name
    - 3 Dates and Times you're available (preferably in the afternoon and before Jan 1... -I'm in MTN time-)
    - Then watch this post to see who is coming along! (and how many positions are still open)
Then on the date that is set we will meet up at the Dragons Roost on Imp Realm, Area 1 and do the dungeon!

Open Positions : 1
Date : Dec. 26?
Time : 3 pm 'ish' (MTN time)

Can't wait! It should be extremely fun! :)

Until then, thanks for stopping by the Conjurer's Inn!
Your host,
-Morgrim Trollfriend
Level 51, Grandmaster Conjurer
The Dragons Roost, Dragonspyre
Take the Challenge and Comment below!


  1. Christopher Iceblade!
    Times: any day next week after 1 or 2 pm CST!

  2. I will help you! Meet me at the Dragon's Roost on the 26th at 3:00 on Wu! I will be Elizabeth Drake Lvl 70 Life. Thanks

  3. I've already chosen the realm, if that's okay (It's in the post above)


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