Sunday, October 23, 2011

Week of Halloween!

Good Evening everyone!

Starting tomorrow will be the week of Halloween! I will be hosting various Halloween activities all through out the week (when I am available.) Make sure to follow my twitter (on the right ->) or just watch here to find out the times of the activities. Here's the schedule of what is happening each day. (If I don't post anything it means I was to busy with IRL stuff like school work and I give my apologies for this in advance.)

Monday (24) - Baron Mordecai in the Wraith Realm.
Tuesday (25) - Lord Nightshade in the Wraith Realm.
Wednesday (26) - Baron Mordecai in the Wraith Realm.
Thursday (27) - Lord Nightshade in the Wraith Realm.
Friday (28) - Sorry! IRL Stuff! = \ (see you tomorrow!)
Saturday (29) - Double Farming! Baron Mordecai and then Lord Nightshade in the Wraith Realm. (Time TBA)
Monday/Halloween! (31) - House Party!!! Meet in Unicorn Park (hey, I want to be unique...) in Wraith Realm. (Time TBA)

I figured that doing those two bosses would be best since they drop some of the best stuff during Halloween. If you have any ideas, just let me know and I can switch them around to fit it in.

Hope to see you there!
Sorry about only giving short notice on the times. I will try to come up with some estimated times and then if you watch my Twitter (@themythmagus) and my DOAW event, I will notify that I am available and will be at the location 15 minutes later. Also, so that I don't end up waiting forever, unless you let me know you will be a little late, I will leave after 30 minutes have passed. Last of all, I'm in Mountain time so all times will be in MTN (which is 1 hr behind central, so if it's 4 central it's 3 mtn). Thanks for your understanding! =D

(P.S. Contests may occur depending on how good of attendance I can plan on. Just RSVP here, on my DOAW event[after it's approved], or on the TMC Facebook page. Thanks!) Hint #1: Cool Screen shots from the events... Hint #2 : Collage...

Until next time,
To the Spiral! (Going to work on a graphic for this...)

-Morgrim Trollfriend
Master Conjurer, Level 48 (No, I do not have Orthrus yet...)

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