Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Halloween Take-Over Begins

Dear wizards,

I am sorry to inform you that Morgrim Trollfriend has vanished! And to make matters worse, The Magus Conjurer is under attack by the some of those Halloween visitors! I need your assistance to defend TMC, find Morgrim, and (try) to earn some splendid loot! We don’t have much time… the future of TMC lies in your hands… and you will decide what its fate shall be…

Here is the current information that we here at TMC have found:
- Morgrim was last seen going running in Imp realm. I will ask around there for more information. Be on the lookout too...
- The attackers of TMC are coming out of those Halloween Towers. I will watch for where and when the next wave of attack will be coming. Currently all I know is that they it will be sometime on a Friday or Saturday.

Just leave a comment before Friday, October 14, in order to be entered in the activities. In that comment, leave your wizards name, level, and the times/days that you think you will be able to participate. Also, if you can leave me a way to contact you, that would help me greatly when I’m planning for the hunts. This is open to everyone of every level!

       - Trollfriend’s Halloween Twin

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