Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Innkeepers Post: Edition #1

Here find ye the stories and updates that the Innkeeper has found for you. So grab a snack, sit back, and relax as you read about this weeks news and events.

This week includes:
     - Actual News: Sales and contests!
     - Some adventures of Morgrim Trollfriend
     - Additions to the Conjurers Inn

Until the end of today there are some select items in the crown shop on sale (crowns only): Hoard of the Hydra, Mega Snack, Purreau's Plentiful Pet Provisions and Phoenix Hoard packs, the Panther and Nightflame Pegasus mounts, Evil Magma Peas seeds, Ascendant Staff, 25,000 gold, lvl 80 Life Henchman, the Wysteria Villa, and the Jade Oni pet. (click to see actual announcement page)

Today is also the last day to enter for the Show and Tell computer contest! (click here for more info)

Adventures of Morgrim Trollfriend
This weeks travels took me through the waters of the Crustacean Empire, to fights with sharks in the Chancel, finally putting me through The Trial of the Spheres!

Thanks to Devin Goldeneyes for running into me while I was in the crabs empire. He was on the same quest as me coincidentally and so we worked together until finally we completed Celestia's main quest line! :D

After the hard work I thought I would finally give in and buy the first area of Wysteria. I had quite a fun time as I wandered the streets of Pigswick Academy, visiting the cool proffesors there. My favorite was the frost teacher. I was saddened when I reached the point where I would have to buy Pegasus Place, because I would rather spend the last few thousand of my crowns on Zafaria than Wysteria.

The last thing I had to do now before I really begin to take on Zafaria, is to try and finish as many of my side quests that I have left over in Celestia. However, when I opened my spellbook to check on my quests I found the one I had forgotten about... the fight with Talos. After only another two tries I finally beat him and Cyrus sent me to Dragonspyre. There, with my quicksilver shield, I impressed Medusa and she agreed to serve me. Sadly for this crab, she is super amazing.

The Conjurer's Inn Additions
So as you may know, The Conjurer's Inn is set up in the Massive Fantasy Palace. Well, this week, after I sold a lot of my treasure cards and items (my backpack was full of both of them), I found that I had 200,000+ gold sitting in my bag. So what did I do? Buy a crown shop house for gold, of course! The house of my choosing was the Life School house. I chose this one for two reasons. First, with the story I'm writing (very slowly) over at A Conjurer's Writings, one chapter is set there. Second, I think it is one of the most beautiful and amazing houses that they have created for us and I recommend it, even if I am a Myth wizard.

So, I used my housing potion from the pack that the MFP came in and am now the owner of the following homes: Myth School House (my home and such), Metropolitan Manor (Christmas party hall), Massive Fantasy Palace (The Conjurer's Inn main building/headquarters), and now the Life School House (The Conjurer's Inn first branch*)

We hoped you have enjoyed this weeks edition of The Innkeepers Post! Make sure to stop in at either one of our branches next week to pick up your copy. Until then, have a wonderful week in the Spiral.

If you have news, or maybe even a segment, you would like included in The Innkeepers Post, send the info over to . It will then be added in the following weeks edition. Also, any tips or suggestions can either be sent to that email or left as a comment below.

M. Trollfriend
The Innkeeper

*this was completely coincidental... I just looked up what a separate part of a 'company' is called and one of the options was a branch. XD

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