Friday, November 23, 2012

How Do You Stay The Course?

This is a post I uploaded on Ambrose2Zeke's new social thing. I'm hoping to get some answers, because it would really make my Wizard101 time more fun (hopefully).

"I've been playing Wizard101 on and off for the last 3 1/2 years. I've created and deleted and created many Wizards, with only my most recent ones having the luck of surviving. Usually the reason for this is that I lose interest and don't have as much fun with that character. This is where the question of the title begins.
I know many of you have been playing Wizard101 for years, some even from the beginning (beta). So I ask of you to share your knowledge on this.
How do you keep the game fun and interesting?
 Now I know the main answer, and that is to get together with friends to play. In this I have the problem. Not a single one of my friends (that I know of) plays Wizard101 to the extent that I do. One played for a short while, but then he left. My sister also plays, but she is even worse at staying interested in games than I am. XD
If you have any tips on this, please share them. I'm sure there are many who have the same problem.

M. Trollfriend
The Innkeeper

P.s. Thanks in advance. :)"

Sorry I haven't been as involved and such with this world. My life becoming so confusing with all the homework I have, family stuff, the need for a job, and just trying to survive. Luckily I've had this little break, which I may not be using to the best use (like catching up on AP US homework...). If you have any ideas for cool things I could do here, it would be awesome if you shared them, because I would really like to get back into this, I'm just not sure how.

Again, thanks for all the help and being the awesome people you are. :)

- M. Trollfriend
The Innkeeper
Level 59 Conjurer

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  1. To: The Innkeeper

    Ask yourself this; would quitting W101 really make a difference in my life right now? or is it that I don't want to quit because I still like this game whether or not my other friends are online and I can still make new friends? If you find yourself thinking, "It's time for me to quit" then quit. Otherwise, play to your heart's content.

    Mark Stormrider


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