Monday, February 13, 2012

The Journal of Talon Deatheyes #3


February 13, 2012
Today I started off by finish the quest for Mindy and the Headmaster in Colossus Boulevard. I was defeated by both Baron Rotunda and Prince Gobblestone once. Then I was able to beat them (barely) on my second try. Hahaha! When I told the Headmaster of what had occurred and how the Gobbler King had been chased out with his people due to witches in their old land he was very sad and decided to let them stay.

Then he sent me to defeat this evil dead guy who had stolen some books, or at least we thought he had. 

Stormdrain Tower... home of the creepy dead guy

It ended up that he only had a key and a journal. But to our surprise it led us to a unthinkable place! I had a friend take some pictures when I went to explore it.

Brr, that water was cold!

What is this? A door? Why is there a skull on it?

To my surprise... through the door I found the death teacher and the death school. And he hadn't even noticed! I went and told the Headmaster and he was surprised too. 

He then proceeded to tell me of what he had read in the journal while I was gone. Not only was Malistaire in a whole new world... but he was after a book. And guess who gets to stop him? Yep, me as always. Cool thing is I got the Spiral keys to both Wizard City and Krokotopia. Bartleby is supposed to tell me how they work the next time I stop by there.

Also I'm really excited because I head from Farley that there is another gardener mole in this Krokotopia place that has some even better spells that I can get. Yay!

I will do a little check to see if anyone else needs my help in Wizard City though before I start running off to other worlds. A girl by the death school was asking for help... and I heard a boy in the Library was in need of some help for a newspaper also. Once those are all done it's off to Krokotopia I go!

Until the next time I right,
To the Spiral (and with no armor!)

- Talon Deatheyes

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