Thursday, February 2, 2012

3rd Wizaversary, Party Details

Date : February 10th, 2012 (Wizaversary was the 5th)
Time : 7:30pm MTN (check this before heading in since it may change due to IRL stuffs)
Port Bus : Unicorn Way Pavilion, Imp Realm. Look for Morgrim Trollgem.

All activities will be dependent on the amount of people who come. The more the merrier!

Ideas so far (you can send some in if you have any)
- Hang out at my house
- Scavenger Hunt(s) (via Twitter)
- Dungeon Run (to be decided at party)
- PvP at the Inn

For most updates you follow my twitter : @MTrollfriend
I will also try to update this page with them also.
If you would like to RSVP you may at :

*Note* All details are subject to change at short notice. Be sure to check here before the posted time to make sure it is still when you think it is ;)

Until then,

To the Spiral!
- Morgrim Trollfriend
The Floating Land, Level 54

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