Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Tonight after selling all the excess items in my backpack, I reached the amount of 97602 gold...
So here is my question, and the following picture should help,( just leave your answer as a comment):

What should I do with the gold? Buy a mount? Hatch a pet? What? I would love to have some input on this.

Mount Choices(click to enlarge): If mount specify which one. Thanks

I will really appreciate any feedback, thanks.

Other things:
Still got the poll on the right---->
Stop by my DOAW(<--link) to help out with 'My New Fan Fiction' should be really cool once it is done.
Also, I am still working on farming a Mander pet from Kiwu or Manu Nirini...why does the drop rate have to be so low!? My Sister and Friend both got it within 5 try's on Manu Nirini :(

So make sure to leave an answer for the question, and until next time...

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