Friday, April 1, 2011

Another day in Ravenwood 2.

*looks at post title*....*chuckles*...*thinks of any other titles and is left blank* :)
Well, today was a pretty good one...mostly leveling up my alt wizards, not M. T.
My fire alt (Morgrim Sunweilder) is now level 13, almost 14, and working on Colossus Boulevard. Also got my ice alt (Patrick Pixiepants) up to level 17, he is currently working on finishing the Chamber of Fire.
With Morgrim T., I am currently just doing gardening because he is stuck with his quest until I can get some more crowns...hopefully will get that 1000 from the survey they had and will be able to buy the first Counterweight in M.B.

In other news!
-That timer finished and then I found out that we were all excited...for a pet rock that cost a bunch of crowns(2900 I believe). I'm thinking it might have been a little April Fools joke and they will be releasing something else...but probably not, hoping it will happen though.
-In the near future(hopefully) I will be releasing a very big surprise(in my opinion)...I don't know how long it will take me to get the first part ready, but hopefully before the end of next week it will be done. Keep watching until then.
-And last, but especially not least, I recently(yesterday) joined the Diary of a Wizard ConnectX. It was mostly for this next little bit, but I'm sure that won't be all. As I said yesterday, I've entered a bunch of the mounts contests, and one of them was the DoaW one for the sea turtles. If you head over to the Diary of a Wizard can join in with the contest too. For full contest details and the entry form go to this link: Diary of a Wizard mounts contest.

I'm still thinking of a closing message, if you have any ideas please send them to me at my email (as seen on the sidebar) ---->

-Morgrim Trollfriend
The Magus Conjurer

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