The Questing Crew

Would you like to join a group of wizards that will work together to complete the world of Wizard101, one quest at a time? Just fill out the form below!

Link to form: The Form

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Members of The Questing Crew

  • M. Trollfriend as Jordan Silverheart, Level 1 Thaumaturge
  • David as _______, Level 50 Necromancer
  • _____ as _______, Level __ __________
  • _____ as _______, Level __ __________

Ask any questions you have in the comments below. Also, let me know if your information is incorrect.

I will try to update the list as often as possible. (After a questing event for certain).
Once we have a reasonably sized crew we will begin. The questing events will be public and you can come and join in if you want. If you see we're heading in the direction of the quest you're on, let us know and we'll be glad to help you along! This will be even more helpful once we get to the higher worlds and can help with any of your questing needs.

The Questing Crew is for those who would like to have a regularish (yay for new words!) bit of community fun together completing the quests! If you have any questions, leave them as a comment and I will try to answer them up here as best as possible.

These efforts will be for the completion of The Wizards Quest Wiki. A place where, by the time we finish, you can look to find out everything you need to know about quests in Wizard101.

Link to the Wiki:

Answers to your questions

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