Monday, June 17, 2013

The Innkeeper's Post: Edition #2

June 17, 2013

We're bringing you stories and news from around the wizarding side of the Spiral. So grab a snack, sit back, and relax as you read through the second edition of The Innkeepers Post!

This week includes:
     - News for June
     - The Spiraling Adventures of Wizard101 segment
     - Contests Galore!
     - Adventures of Morgrim Trollfriend
     - The Library Ad

June News
  • The Test Realm is open with things like playable musical instruments and tournaments!
  • The Crowns Sale ends tonight at 11:59pm Central Time.
  • KI has updated the Grub Guardian game! New prizes and power-ups are now available, some for a limited time.
  • There is a new Pharaoh's Hoard pack and an Olympian Bundle available. Check them out and see what goodies you can find.

Looking for another Wizard101 blog to read? Well then head over to The Spiraling Adventures of Wizard101! There you will find the work of a whole group of wizards as they work to share stories, news, interviews and more. They started up in September 2012 and have already achieved quite a bit in that short time.

There are a whole ton of contest going on in the community for Pet-a-Palooza right now. Here are the ones I could find that are still open (for Wizard101 prizes).

Valerian's School for Wayward Wizards | Pet a Palooza 2013 | Ends June 28, 2013
Ravenwood Radio | Pet Story Contest! | Ends June 19, 2013
Legends of the Spiral | Various Contests | Various up to June 30, 2013
Wizard101 Central | Raffle | Daily until June 30, 2013
Stars of the Spiral | The Battle of the Bands | Ends June 30, 2013

The Adventures of Morgrim Trollfriend
School work has kept me busy until the last couple weeks so adventuring has been at a minimum. However, with the bit of crowns I won from Ditto's contest I was able to open up the Savannah and Hrundle Fjord. I'll be off to those places soon and probably have more stories next time. Hopefully with lots of free time this summer I'll be able to spend at least a little of it in the Spiral.

The Library
Have you ever thought about writing a story? Why not join in with a whole community to write one? Head up to the Library and you can add a segment of your own to the story! Hurry though, there are only 3 slots left before this one is finished. Click the tab above or here to head there now.

We hoped you have enjoyed this edition of The Innkeepers Post! Make sure to check in at one of our branches soon to pick up your copy of Edition #3. Until then, have a time full of wonder in the Spiral!

** If you have news, or maybe even a segment, you would like included in The Innkeepers Post, let me know through Twitter or commentsI will then work on getting it added in the next edition(s). Also, any tips or suggestions are welcome. **

M. Trollfriend
The Innkeeper

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